About the project :

Clothes first, people later. I came up with the name "BITTE RUHE!" (sounds like "bitte rue"). The idea is that the clothes themselves should speak for the person. While studying at Mod’art, we had classes, something like career guidance with a teacher from the fashion house Kiselenko (Irina Yuryevna Selyuta). We weren’t allowed to walk around in our usual clothes. Only as if we are going to an interview for a job as a designer in a fashion house. And to make it clear which brand you want (Chanel or Rick Owens). That is, the main idea is the transmission of various ideas through clothing. I thought that you can choose this concept and then come up with a lot of things. Prints with phrases, stories, poems (live broadcast of a speech when clothes really "speak"), overalls (you can see the profession without words), etc. I want clothes to help girls express themselves. Show others preferences, values ​​and attitudes, and so that you don’t have to talk about it much, let clothes do it.